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At Almus, we understand that multiple factors influence the Forex Market daily, and Corporates cannot be expected to devote their Time, Effort, and Resources to monitor fluctuations in the Forex Market. Therefore, at Almus, we intervene as an Advisory of the Corporates as far as delivery of timely Reports and Analysis of the Forex Market. Capitalizing on our Expertise, Infrastructure, and Resources, we advise Corporates about abrupt changes in the Exchange Rate and Future Outlooks, and much more!  


Advisory Solutions*

Operational Role:

Personal Advisor assigned to Interact with Your Team on a Regular Basis

24/7 Access to Call our Research Department to Seek Market Views

Our team will keep You informed on Market Movements & Act as a Trigger for Viable Decision Making

Emerging Market FX Advisory services can help Clients capture High Yields in FX

Interaction at Regular Intervals (Bi-Monthly), which will keep You updated on the Forex Market, Advice on what moves to take, best market practices. and how it will affect your position and the measures to be taken to combat such moves.


Our team will also share periodic FX & Commodity reports with Fundamental and Technical Views

Strategic Role:

Policy Compliance

Operationalizing Policy Objectives & Measuring Performance

Daily Dashboard on Hedge Positions / Monthly Dashboard on Performance

Working closely with our expert Treasury Team on Hedging strategies

In-Depth Presentation by our Research Department on Monthly Market Outlook (FX & Commodities)

To integrate reporting of Risk Management with your Core Business to arrive at proper reflection of Business Performance

Benefits of

Our Advisory Solutions

Gaining A Different Perspective

Developing Methods and Strategies alongside Experts and Professionals

Focus on Your Core Business

Cost Reduction

Cash Flow Certainty

Performance Measurement

Technology: Dashboard and Online Tracking of Exposure and Performance

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