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ECB Management

British Pound Notes

External Commercial Borrowings ('ECB') are commercial loans raised by eligible Indian entities from non-resident entities within regulations stipulated by Reserve Bank of India ('RBI'). At Almus, we work on Strategically Utilizing the intrinsic benefits of ECB to aid Your Growth and Expansion.


ECB Solutions*

Our Goal:

Identify natural hedges matching with liability payments. Our treasury designs hedge ratios according to the cost of hedge, volatility in currency and company's profitability. All while ensuring that the hedge strategy adheres to RBI guidelines

To target the cost of borrowing in ECB at par or below the rupee cost of finance

To diversifies Borrowing Portfolio

To reduce the Cost of Finance

To Mitigate the Impact of Currency Fluctuations from a Risk Management perspective


Our team will also share periodic FX & Commodity reports with Fundamental and Technical Views

Our 3 Step Strategic Process:

Step 1:

Strategically defining the objectives and framing risk management policy (Based on Cost of Borrowing)

Step 2:

Hedge Strategy

Step 3:

Monitoring periodically (MIS Dashboards):

Execution and decision making becomes easier with a Technology Enabled Dashboard

Benefits of

Our ECB Solutions

200+ Years of Cumulative Forex Domain Experience

Trained and Experienced Front Office Team to Execute Transactions Efficiently

Focus on Your Core Business

Corporate dealing room for customer centric execution and risk management

Strong network with Good Banks which Assists in procuring treasury credit lines and negotiating other important covenants

ICAI has recognized Almus with “SME Leader Award” in the category of

“Innovators- Financial & Consulting Sector” 2018

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