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Frame Risk Management Policy (RMP)

Setting Exposure Identification Processes.

System Study & Implementation of Treasury Management Systems (TMS)

Scenario and Sensitivity Analysis

FX Treasury: Plan


Execution of Hedging strategy

Monitor, Measure & Manage risk

Pooled Resources, Information Systems, Treasury Expertise (Dealers)

Back and Mid Office Support

Treasury Performance Evaluation & Measurement

FX Treasury: Execution

At Almus, our focus is to be a part of Your Growth Journey,  FX is increasingly recognized as a business-critical function due to its high volatility. The cost and complexity of achieving this can be considerable, as an alternative, You have the option of outsourcing Your FX Operations to Almus, thus getting expert advice, that is validated by Facts, Figures, and not Feelings. This enables You to invest your Valuable Resources, Time, Effort in Core Business Activities, without losing control over Your Daily Activities.


Outsourcing Solutions*

Your Role:

To inform when new exposure is Triggered and Discharged

To reconcile on a Regular Basis the outstanding Hedges with the Bank and the report submitted by Almus

To keep track of Debit and Credit resulting on Account of Rollover, Cancellation

Our Role:

To execute hedge operation through Bank/Exchange

To inform You of any Transactions Executed

To monitor Currency future margin account (if using Exchange)

To manage the Data & MIS requirements

To submit periodic reports on Exposure vs Hedge

To have a periodical Progress Review with Management

Benefits of

Our Outsourcing Solutions

150+ Years of Cumulative Working Experience


Focus on Your Core Business

Negotiating Better Rates with Banks

Cash Flow Certainty

Performance Measurement

Technology: Dashboard and Online Tracking of Exposure and Performance

No Training Time

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